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Printed works of Ian Hamilton Finlay

Printed works by Ian Hamilton Finlay include cards, prints, proposals, poems in folders, books and booklets, and catalogues, dating from 1967. Paperworks are printed in editions of 250 or 300, unless otherwise stated.

There are a few prints still available signed by Ian Hamilton Finlay. If you would like further information, contact Lucy Douglas (see below).

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Paperwork orders are sent out on the first Monday of each month, unless agreed otherwise by prior arrangement.

Please note that if you wish to purchase a print measuring more than 70 cm to be shipped to North America you should contact Lucy Douglas on wildhawthornpress@gmail.comfor individual shipping costs.

If you have any queries please contact Lucy Douglas on wildhawthornpress@gmail.com

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Books and Booklets 1972 - 2012

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Catalogues 1984 - 2004 Miscellanea 1975 - 1995

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