1993 Prints

(o.p.*) out of print and not available


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4.93.1 Revolution/Virtue/Eloquence/Transparency
with Annet Stirling, 1993
set of 4 lithographs
24.0 x 126.0/74.0/113.0/152.0 cm

Column to Gun
with Gary Hincks, 1993
44.2 x 52.8 cm

COLUMN TO GUN (A-D). NECKING GROOVES TO 'KILL' RINGS (1-4). 'Near the top of the column may be observed three incised necking grooes. The grooves first appear as a simple bevelling of one face of the joint between the block forming the capital with a short section of the shaft ... (etc)

4.93.4 Retarde dans sa Course par des Cerises
with Julie Farthing, 1993
26.1 x 90.0 cm
5.93.1 Two Proposals for the Munich Ehrentempel Sites
with Ian Appleton, 1993
2 drawings with commentary in a folder
42.3 x 29.8 cm

Proposal for the Haus der Kunst
with Gary Hincks, 1993
37.5 x 152.5 cm

"Verboten Forbidden"

5.93.4 Proposal for an Inscription to be added to the Monopteros in the English Garden, Munich
with Gary Hincks, 1993
20.5 x 44.1 cm

5.93.5 A Proposal for a London Garden
with Annika Sandell, 1993
lithograph in folder
34.2 x 29.2 cm